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    These Memories...

    My mind is filled with full of thoughts and memories all of a sudden..Sometimes you will never know the moment until it becomes a memory..Life brings so many things which come and go..but the memories they give are countless and forever..As I lay down on my ever comfort mat that is laid closely to my favourite window, petals of memories blossom in my eyes..Life gave me so much of joy, tears and love.It gave me full of challenges that excited me at every turn of my journey.Every thread of memory is carefully woven into a warm nest that my heart swings in forever..

    As I sit in the corner of my ever radiant room,the voices in my head sometimes ask me who I am and why I have been brought to this world..All my worries, all my tears and traumas will be nowhere once I take my last breath that can take only few seconds.Neither my materialistic possessions live with me..Only treasures my heart will cherish are the good times I had in my life and things that I do with my heart..yes my heart! Did you ever hear the loud noise of your heart beat and then this pace at which it beats when it gets activated and does something it feels? Probably it is the best melody I have ever heard.I look into the mirror and my sea deep brown eyes show me a valley of memories  filled with miles and miles of blues and greens.And then I take this deep breath that comforts and assures me 'Yes you lived a Life..' Isn't it enough for a soul ?I just love these random memories that make my heart vibrant and smile irrespective of what is happening in my life..Each thread of these memories is like a circle of strength to me..They stay with me..make me warm within and take me forward in this world!


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