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    A bud is to be blossomed..

    I love children very much and if they are cute little bubbly girls i would just die for them to see their sweet smiles!On my way to office i see so many girls carrying their heavy school bags but still seems to be active and energetic!I strongly pray that these girls of today should definitely become women of tomorrow!Am i making sense?Well,keeping my wish aside some cruel creatures still being called as "Human Beings" are aiming at killing these little budding flowers with their cruel desires.Among them are most respectable "TEACHERS" who are topping the cruel list these days!

    Now a days,almost every two days there happened to be a news about any dirty rouge who is being called as teacher molesting little girls in schools.I feel it very pathetic to imagine the mental status of such young girls when they face such sexual abuse from a GOD kind of person..Today's Children are the pillars of tomorrows world..If pillars are being shaken how can the world survive tomorrow...I know of cases where young women had become prey for such ugly abuses but should we put a comma for it now,little school going girls facing this filthy situation is somewhat very dangerous alarm for the society.They would really lose hope for tomorrow and get scared of this world.

    Women are just any species just like man and they have serious aims and aspirations just like any man.those ugly acts of men may go undetected in her entire life(if she chose to survive still) but the mental torture it puts her into a bloody well where she could not even breathe properly.she would feel as if it was her mistake to become prey for him and never dares to inform to her parents even.slowly she would become dull and get scared to talk to her brother even.

    Be it a school girl or a college girl or a woman the mental torture that anyone would undergo is same.With the increase in the divorce rates, more children are at greater risk than ever. Women, in their attempts to find a mate, may unwittingly be putting their children at greater risk for sexual abuse from the men they date.Being not termed as "rape" this could be often called as "mental rape".Men of India,Touching a female's sensitive organ would give you pleasure and excitement but it is real hell for women and sometimes it would become the reason for a young talented girl to end her life.

    Let the young little girl buds blossom into beautiful flowers so as their aims and aspirations..Women are to be respected, worshiped and adored.They are someone's mother,someone's wife,someone's cute little daughter,someone's dearest sister...And for god sake do remember that temples are to pray god,schools are to get educated and trains,buses are to travel not to torture women sexually!

    Who knows..how many future IAS officers and how many future astronauts had ended their lives after being tortured silently by these cruel men in disguise!

    I sincerely beg all the men who commit to these kind of ugly acts.....Please think that your women also go to work and your children also got to school.And think if they are also being abused sexually like how you do to other women.Women is goddess...if at all she is not worshiped at least let her just walk forward in her life!Don't show her a instant hell who is capable enough to make a man's life a HEAVEN!

    I was really moved to hear about the incidents of male teachers molesting young school girls being in a very respectable position.Teachers are expected to design the life of a student but these kind of incidents are proving wrong which is very pathetic!God save the little buds from these sharp thorns

     PS.This is the original content of mine which was published on Indusladies.com earlier.


    1. I am agree with you dear. People should think about it that these are GOD'S gift. We should not spoil them. Not only teachers but girls are not safe in there houses too. Please GOD help these little flowers to bloom by keeping these thorns away.



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